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Feb 18, 2013 4:00am PST
like 3m, united technologies, ibm, all those stocks are going to do well. but don't forget, of course, your utilities, and those fast-growing companies. one i like to talk about his fastenal. i talked about that a couple months ago. > thanks for your help. that is matt shapiro, president of mws capital. it's estimated that there are more than 8.5 million industrial and service robots in use in the world. they make cars, process food and protect us in defense applications. and as our cover story shows you, more of them are being designed to work side-by-side with humans in the workplace. more than 120 companies brought their latest creations that lift, sort and do repetitive motions in the workplace. "we're trying to give the robots more of the attributes of a human, where you have different types, and constantly improving vision systems. we are doing a lot more with force sensing sensor technology." a lot of this is dedicated to heavy-industry. the plexi-glass safety wall, for example, used in this display is often common in the workplace to prevent injury. but now, more robots are be
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am PST
, but be careful. for instance, another big stock is international game technologies, about $16. $4-billion company. it has its business in lots of different parts of the gambling industry, but we really don't know exactly how this is going to shake out. remember, it is just one or two states, and a lot of localities are uncomfortable with internet gaming. > if they open the door to online gambling, this could be huge, and that is what is sparking this. but are there other stocks that you would buy in this arena? > > the big traditional gaming stocks are las vegas sands and wynn resorts, wynn being the only one i invest in. they make most of their money, of course, on the in-person gaming: the hotels, the fancy restaurants and clubs. so, i think for them, internet gambling is going to be a sideline. so it is tough to find the right stock. remember, you can put your money on a zynga, or on an international game technologies, but you don't know which one is going to finish in the money. > thanks for the insight. that is matt shapiro, president of mws capital. thank you. > > you got it. that's it for
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am PST
are mastering 3d printing. that's the future." the association for manufacturing technology says the concept will help small to medium companies that can't afford to spend a half-million dollars on r&d without immediate returns. "what's going to happen is the best ideas will come forward and there will be collaboration so the total price tag isn't picked up by the taxpayer." but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell isn't sold on it. "he says he wants balance, but his approach so far has been anything but. just as 'investment' has become a washington code for more spending, 'balance' has become code for 'my-way-or-the- highway.'" the president outlined nearly two dozen proposals in his state of the union speech, from incentives to high schools and community colleges to train workforce-ready graduates to raising the minimum wage and expanding pre-school education opportunities. but the republican rebuttal by marco rubio pointed out how the best intentions of obamacare have their negatives, too. "because of obamacare, some companies aren't hiring. and in some cases, full-time workers are bein
Feb 13, 2013 4:00am PST
as a guest of the first lady, tim cook was the headliner at the goldman sachs technology and internet conference in san francisco. cook told analysts he's bullish on innovation at apple and apple stores need more space. he also fielded a number of questions about the company's massive $137 billion in cash. cook called the lawsuit by hedge fund manager david einhorn over giving shareholders more money a silly sideshow. apple officials will file a response to einhorn's lawsuit today. a hearing is set for next week. president obama steps in to combat the growing threat of cyber attacks, including those against the nation's banks. the president will release, possibly as soon as today, an executive order to help thwart further breaches. this is in reaction to the recent targeting of pnc, citizens' bank and fifth third banks, among others. the president is taking action in the wake of congress' failure to pass cyber defense legislation last year. mgraw hill, the company that owns standard and poor's credit rating division, is lawyering up. the government is accusing s&p of cheating investor
Feb 11, 2013 4:00am PST
users from twitter. the linkedin platform in the mobile technology is really working well. year-over-year they doubled the amount of people that are going to be mobile space. > thank you andrew. > > thank you. that's it for now. coming up tomorrow, a fascinating glimpse into the first start-ups in silcon valley, and the surpsing ways the area as not changed since the '50s. from all of us at first business, have a good monday!
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5